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marcaConsumer insight

A lot has been said, in the past years, about consumer insight. Whatever the agreed definition, the key issue is how to analyze consumer’s needs to obtain valuable insights information.

With different advanced market research techniques we have developed the InsightMaster, a methodology that allows companies to detect relevant consumer insights and to quantify their influence in the final purchase decision.

marcaSegmentation and Targeting

Segmentation is one of the most powerful tools to deeply understand a market and to adapt the 4P to consumer’s needs. Mastering the technique is very important to obtain reliable results.

The first step to a useful segmentation is to correctly define and determine the segmentation variables. This is a key issue that should always be given the necessary thought and time. Knowing the specific characteristics of every country’s dynamics helps us to correctly define those variables and to obtain meaningful and actionable segmentations.

marcaU&A and Purchase drivers

The U&A research allows companies to learn about the sector’s patterns, the category’s purchase drivers, the brands that are competing in the marketplace and many other issues. To correctly approach a U&A research it is important to keep a broad and open view on the sector analyzed, in order to make sure that all the important issues are considered. As it is often said in market research, the biggest mistake is what you forget to ask and, in a fast moving world with rapidly changing consumer patterns, knowing the category’s evolution is a key issue.

… and many other research objectives that we will be happy to share with you.