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Doctor and pharmacist

marcaPrescription drivers and patient profile

In all pathologies, but specially in prescription ones, it is a key issue to understand the doctor’s prescription drivers as well as the patient profile they associate with the product. Our experience shows that, for these research objectives, it is always useful to first conduct a qualitative research, to clearly define the prescription drivers and the patient profile characteristics. This information is then quantified in a quantitative phase.

marcaPatient flow

A product’s patient flow is relevant in almost all markets but can differ enormously between countries since the healthcare systems vary significantly. To correctly address a patient flow analysis it is important to consider all the derivation possibilities that take place in every specific country. In this sense, in some emerging markets, the first patient contact is mainly with the pharmacist who recommends the “transfer” to the corresponding doctor according to the pathology.

marcaSatisfaction with the pharmaceutical company

The satisfaction with the pharmaceutical company is often approached both from the doctor’s and the pharmacist’s point a view since they are key players in healthcare sales. In order to be able to optimize resources, it is key to understand which offered services trigger a higher satisfaction with the pharmaceutical company.
With the SatisfactionKPI we measure the satisfaction and determine the key KPIs to be analyzed, measured and followed along time.

… and many other research objectives that we will be happy to share with you.