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Product and Brand

marcaBrand’s market position

To understand the brand’s position in the market place the ACTRAR (Awareness, Consideration, Trial, Repeat, Adoption, Rejection) indexes need to be obtained. All of them play an important role in evaluating the brand’s position and its future growth possibilities.
To get a better diagnosis, brand image analysis is strongly recommended.

marcaBrand image

As it is well known, brand image analyzes brand’s position in consumer’s mind, relative to other competing brands. Brands are considered modern or old-fashioned, cheap or expensive depending on who they compare to. Therefore, a good market research has to master the statistical technique but also the marketing approach, to be able to correctly define the brand’s competitive environment to be analyzed. We never forget the marketing perspective of the analysis in order to avoid misleading results, since considering different brand competitive set drives to different results.

marcaPackaging test

Having the right packaging is a key issue, specially for those products where consumer’s choice takes place in front of the shelf.
Experience has shown us that packaging tests usually require a “high-speed” research, that’s why we developed the FastPack research, to be able to give our clients answers within a tight timeframe.

… and many other research objectives that we will be happy to share with you.