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Point of sale

marcaShelf layout

We all know that the middle shelf is the best one (the one at sight level), but if you had to choose from the very top one and the very bottom one, which one of them would you choose? Which shelf do consumers’ look at the most?
We have the answer and we’ll be happy to share it with you.

marcaSource of Business

In the healthcare market, a key issue is to correctly identify and quantify the Source of Business. Who is driving our sales? The doctor, the pharmacist, the consumer? The Source of Business structure tends to vary notably among countries and along time, therefore, the information needs to be tracked and updated regularly.

marcaInteractions at the point of sale

How does the consumer behave in the point of sale? What catches their attention? With research tools such as eye-tracking, heat maps and dynamic observation we analyze the consumer’s behavior and its interaction with the different elements displayed.

… and many other research objectives that we will be happy to share with you.