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marcaPrice optimization

It is widely accepted that the best technique to research the ideal price is the Conjoint Analysis. It’s clearly the one that best simulates the reality that consumers face in the market and allows companies to anticipate the expected market share with different price points.
Since the first conjoint analysis was performed in the 1970’s the technique has evolved enormously, being nowadays a research methodology that gathers remarkable market research innovation.
Beyond mastering the statistical particularities of the analysis it is a key issue to have deep experience in applying the methodology in market research projects, since it’s far more complicated than just testing brands and prices and there are many different methodologies of Conjoint Analysis.

marcaOptimal offer configuration

The Conjoint Analysis is also extremely useful to help companies determine which product elements should be combined (and at what price) to obtain the highest market share.
We offer our clients a easy and friendly tool to be used to simulate any possible market scenario and to anticipate the expected market share, for example considering competence movements or own product changes.
This tool is specially useful in those circumstances where the brand can’t offer the consumers “everything” but, instead, needs to choose only those aspects that will have strong influence on the final product’s sales.

… and many other research objectives that we will be happy to share with you.